Maritess talks about women and magic……Oh Boy

mari_DSC3498The Legend of Maritess

Please Read an article first.

Before you read my article please read an article by the former best female magician in NY Maritess Zurbano, then read my article and finally PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT BELOW and share this article because I’m going to go around and ask magicians in the NYC area about this exact topic for a video I’ll post.


Now for my insight…

Hopefully you’ve read the article that Maritess wrote talking about the sexist nature of magic and the magic world. And if you have hopefully you’re as angry as I am. She portrays the magic world as a bunch of degenerate horn dogs who do nothing but belittle women and are not accepting. Well to be honest I’m not very accepting of the quality of female magicians. Why? because they are NOT up to par. I’m not claiming that women are not good at magic, what I’m saying is from the women doing magic that I’ve seen aren’t good.

Not long ago I saw a female magician performing in a Las Vegas show and honestly it was horrible. If the the shoe was on the other foot and I as a man did on stage what this female magician did I would be laughed at and ridiculed. However because it was a woman and she was fairly good looking she was accepted and praised for doing “a great job”. It wasn’t and during the performance I heard things like “She’s so pretty” and “she’s got great talent” but at no point did I hear “Wow that was amazing”.

Too often in magic we are nice and not honest. We hold back from what we really want and what we really should say in order to bring magic to the next level. It has NOTHING to do with the sex of the performer and EVERYTHING to do with how and what they do. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean that you should be afforded extra luxuries and treated differently, remember women’s rights? Remember when women were screaming out to be treated equally? I do and I’m going to do just that. If a woman wants to be considered a good magician then maybe they should put the work into being just that.

On another note sex is what sells. there’s no denying that. Criss Angel is a very good looking guy and WOMEN love that, as do men Cards-tubwho look at attractive magicians love that they look good. Honestly who wants to look an an ugly person? It’s in our nature as humans to be ATTRACTED TO ATTRACTIVENESS. Or am I crazy? Maybe I am but beer companies and clothing companies agree and their marketing says just that. That being said let’s break it down to what this article is about. Maritess’ article.

Responding to the claims.

In her article she she says that she knew some tricks but was ashamed because she didn’t understand the most basic magic secrets….

Although I knew some really great effects, such as how to turn $1 into a $100 bill, I was ashamed that I didn’t understand the most basic magic secrets, such as how to make a dove appear in my bare hands or how to make someone vanish from a chair.

What does that tell me? Well it says she didn’t do what she needed to do to get the information. She seems to expect the information to just be handed to her. Like she was entitled to it because she’s a woman!!! Really? Learning how to turn $1 into $1oo dollars is a strong effect no doubt but that is not the essence of magic, not the real secret behind magic nor is anything she said was the “basics” of magic. If you want to be a dove magician you learn dove magic. If you want to learn how to change one bill to another then you learn that.

I also aspired to become one of the best card workers out there. I went to blackjack-dealing school, bought books, invested thousands of dollars in apparatus and spent hundreds of hours networking, but my efforts always seemed superficial.

maritessbio3I as well aspire to become a great card worker. However reading books and going to a blackjack dealing school and investing money in apparatus doesn’t make you a good magician or card technician. HOURS AND MONTHS AND YEARS OF PRACTICE DO THAT. If getting better is achieved by networking then I am one the best card magicians out ther because of the people I know. The reason I know some of these people? BECAUSE THEY SAW THAT I’VE PUT MY TIME INTO LEARNING AND PROGRESSING. I didn’t sit around waiting for people to give me what I wanted I went out and got it my self and in turn people respected that. To this day I still learn and read and progress my self and thanks to my work people now give me more information and insight. It has nothing to do with me being a man but EVERYTHING to do with my AMBITION!!!

I knew Maritess when she lived in NYC and to be perfectly honest, she didn’t impress me. She knew some tricks that I learned early on and tried to base her career on those things. She didn’t accept criticism and wouldn’t take the time to look back and say to her self “Why is this not working” instead she sat back and said I’m a woman and there aren’t many like me this should be enough. Well at least that seems to be the case. For years I saw Maritess doing the same tricks the same way with out improvement. And as I got better and as others progressed Maritess faded into the shadows. She claims that women are used for sex objects and viewed as such but look at what Maritess herself posed for in a a photoshoot for her own devices…

Amazing Maritess

The Bottom Line

I don’t care if you’re a man or woman. If you want to get anywhere you have to put your own work in. I teach magicians all the time but I won’t teach someone if I feel they won’t put the work in themselves. When I teach I do not HOLD HANDS. I guide people to learn and progress on their own. I’ll add some touches and sometimes give them information but it’s up to them to follow through. If you ever expect people to hand you things then you will always stay in the same place. No one respects nor wants to help people who feel entitled. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself get up and get to work. Make things happen. Ask for help don’t ask for the answers. Seek you’re own answers and learn your own insight and share that and you’ll be surprised how much more accepted you are and how much more people are willing to share with you. But also remember that if you ask someone how something is they may not like it. It’s ok if what you do isn’t good, but knowing why and understanding why is more important. That is how we grow. Not complaining and crying and sitting back and waiting for something to happen. Want respect then EARN IT MARITESS!!!! Want to be the best card magician out there then WORK AT IT. Reading books and investing money doesn’t take the place of hard work and understanding. It’s sad that she thinks other wise………… Shame on you Maritess..

If you want here’s a link to a YouTube Video of her doing 3Fly. The way she’s always done it…

What do you think?