Magic, Mindreading and Mystery show times and Lecture Information

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Paul Vigil’s New – Magic, Mindreading and Mystery show, plus 2 Lectures & a Workshop

Starting on Feburary 8th, 9th, and 15th Paul Vigil will debut his new Magic, Mindreading and Mystery show in New York City at Baruch College- Engelman Recital Hall at Baruch Performing Arts Center

Then on February 16th we will be having an all day event! Paul will be lecturing at Joria Productions on his magic and mindreading starting at 10:30am

If you don’t know who Paul Vigil is, here is what some people are saying about him.

paul-vigil-las-vegas-magicMerlin Award recipient, Paul Vigil is one of the most mesmerizing performers in the world. He has been practicing and performing the art of magic for 30+ years.

After university, where he studied ethno-pharmacology and magic used throughout history, Paul could no longer deny his inner calling and became a professional performer. He never looked back. Within a year Paul had become one of the most sought after performers in his native Salt Lake City.

Las Vegas soon summoned Paul to join the ranks of magic’s biggest superstars. By 2002, Paul had established himself as one of the finest performers in America’s entertainment capital. More recently, his regular show at King Ink inside the Mirage (which ran from 2010-2013) held it’s own against the multi-million dollar production shows for which the city is famous, gathering standing room only crowds week after week.

Paul continues to bring his unique brand of wonder and astonishment to audiences around the world. He has enjoyed multiple ovations following his sold-out shows at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. His intellectually stimulating performances have amazed Nobel Laureates and high school graduates alike.

Paul’s high-profile career and cutting-edge, creative contributions have not gone unnoticed by his peers. One of his unique 12968_325463550360_8189366_ncreations was awarded “Magic Trick of the Year” award and he, himself, is in constant demand as a lecturer, presenting his revolutionary theories, ideas and concepts to other performers.

Paul is as smart as his magic and known to be a wonderful guest. He is often engaged by companies as an ambassador-of-goodwill, mingling with their distinguished guests and utilizing his impeccable magic and conversational skills as the ultimate ice-breaker.

[onload_effect after_loading=”true” name=”zoomout” delay=”4″] “Paul Vigil is soft-spoken and humble, but behind that compelling demeanor is a diabolical mind. He is one of the best magicians working today!” -Lance Burton, World Champion Magician.  [/onload_effect]

[onload_effect after_loading=”true” name=”zoomout” delay=”5″] “Paul Vigil is the new top gun in town. He’s the magician that all the other magicians want to hang out with. He is, without a doubt, the single best sleight of hand artist currently in Las Vegas. If I had a gun to my head and had to do something completely 100% astonishing to save my life, I’d hire Paul to do it for me. He has the chops and charisma to be the next big thing.” – Paul Harris, author of The Art of Astonishment [/onload_effect]

Paul has also released some amazing effects to the magic community including the tricks, “Ladybug” which was released by Paul Harris Presents and Diplopia. If you ask magicians who have been around for a while the name Paul Vigil comes up and for good reason, his accolades in performance and skill are far and wide. The Daily Deception is so proud that we could get Paul Vigil to come New York City from Las Vegas.

Our Second Lecture

After Paul finishes his lecture, we will take a small break to walk around and practice. Then coming off of his European lecture tour we will have Ben Train who steps up and starts his own lecture.

A bit about Ben Train..

Since finishing sixth in a “Ben Train” look-alike contest, Ben Train has devoted over ten years to lecturing and performing 1501971_10151766731875938_1420528477_nacross North America. Combining sophisticated sleight-of-hand, unique philosophical insight, and a wikipedic knowledge of the arts, Ben talks the talk, walks the walk, and rocks the flock.

Ben’s material has been featured in every major magic publication (including Genii, The Linking Ring, Magic Magazine, and MUM), and his critically acclaimed DVDs and books have been flying off magic stores shelves around the world. Magicians everywhere are trying to be more like Ben, and soon you will be, too – leaving him with no hope in next year’s look-alike event.

Whether you do magic for hundreds of people or just for yourself, we are all looking for the same thing- powerful magic that’s fun to do. Using material from his critically acclaimed book, downloads, and numerous magazine contributions, Ben Train will help you discover strong magic that’s not just fun to watch, but fun to perform as well!

There’s something in this lecture for everyone, from material you’ll need to practice to tricks so easy you’ll be able to do them before you leave your seat. You’ll learn magic that happens in your audience’s hands, read three people’s minds… instantly and with no sleight of hand, and discover new principles that will give you the tools to create your own powerful routines.

So here’s the fine print!

If you buy a ticket to one lecture you buy them for both.. There will be NO ticket sales for individual lectures. The lectures WILL start promptly at 10:30 AM. There will be NO refunds if you miss one lecture!!

Also if you already purchased tickets to Paul Vigil’s – Magic, Mindreading and Mystery Show

If you already purchased tickets to the Magic, Mindreading, and Mystery show and would like to join us for the 2 lectures and workshop, please email so we can provide you with a coupon code. With the coupon code you will receive the discount price for buying both the lecture and the show. If you go ahead and purchase the tickets without the discount code, we will not be able to refund the discount. Ticket prices for purchases at the door will be $50 for Magic, Mindreading and Mystery, and 40 for the 2 lectures.

Seats for the 2 lectures are limited to 40 people and once they’re gone they’re gone! ( Workshop seats are limited to 20!)

Hope to see you there..

Listed Below are all Dates and Prices for Tickets